Jaime O. Lemna

Jaime O. Lemna


To my patients and their families,

For the past 36 years, it has been my honor to be trusted by you all to provide dental care for your families. I have deeply enjoyed the time I have spent with you, sharing about our families and building relationships that I will never forget. One of my joys has been the privilege of watching your children grow up, and in many cases, have children of their own. Your loyalty to me has been very humbling, and I want you to know how much it has been appreciated. The time has now come for a new season in my life, and as a result, I will be retiring this February. My wife, Holly, and I are excited to begin this new chapter in our lives. It is our plan to travel and see the places that we have dreamed of.

My decision to retired was made easier because of the fact that Dr. Alfonso Pozas will be taking over your dental care. Dr. Pozas is a third-generation dentist, and I am confident that Dr. Pozas will continue to deliver the exceptional care that you have come to expect from me. In addition, my entire staff will be staying in place, so the familiar faces of my “work family” will still be here for you.

Another change you will notice is that my office will be merging with the Rector Dental Group. As a result, the name on the building will change to the Rector Dental Group, but the quality of dental care that you receive will not change.

Thank you again for all of the memories. I will miss you!

Your friend,

Jaime O. Lemna, D.D.S.

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