Kids Dental Cleanings

Great dental hygiene starts with routine cleanings for your child with a pediatric dentist. 

A pediatric dentist prefers to start seeing children at the age of one year or when the first tooth has started to erupt. Seeing the child early allows for routine care to be established early and a good rapport with the child to begin. A baseline of information is gathered at the first visit in regards to the way your child’s teeth fit together, the presence of a lip and/or tongue tie, we go over brushing techniques, nutrition and discuss pacifier habits. We recommend seeing the child yearly for well checks and to monitor the teeth for decay from ages 0-3. Around the age of 3.5 years we begin to practice with our tell, show, do approach with the child to make sure they understand how the cleaning appointment will go. We encourage the parents to allow the child to wander around the office and feel comfortable with their surroundings. At the age of 4 years we begin our cleaning appointments with the child. This approach works well with most children and especially our patients that have sensory issues. Our office specializes in seeing children with special needs and we take extra time with those patients that may need a little more explanation.  Your child’s visit won’t be just a routine cleaning. It’s a time for smiles, high-fives, and new healthy habits.

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