Dental Implants in Muncie

Implant dentistry has made leaps and bounds over the years to where it is most often the ideal choice when it comes to replacing missing or non-restorable teeth. Implants have much to offer in addition to aesthetics. For example, when a single tooth is being replaced, adjacent teeth are left untouched and the patient flosses the area just like a natural tooth. In addition, the metal root integrates into the bone and prevents localized bone loss which tends to happen after a tooth is extracted. This helps maintain the bone level and gum tissues in the area as well as long term function and aesthetics.

We work closely with the surgeon who places the root portion of the replacement tooth. In doing so, we can most effectively restore the portion of the tooth above the gum line. Many factors are involved when deciding what is best to use for replacements of a missing tooth or teeth. Obtain an initial consult from us to determine your specific needs/desires.

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